It seems like such a simple thing – BE KIND.  But it can really make a difference for someone right now.  As many of you already know from my regular columns, I’m an independent agent offering mostly Medicare insurance plans.  So, I mostly work with the over-65 age group.  This is an especially vulnerable population as we have all seen in the news, or perhaps first-hand.  I’m sure that many of us have reached out to our family, friends & neighbors and have offered to grocery shop or do other errands & chores for the elderly.  If you are one of them – thank you!  I personally know that there are so many seniors that live alone and do not have family close by to help out during these crazy times.

But what many of you may not realize is that many of the top insurance carriers that cover these seniors have also chosen to BE KIND.  Some examples include:  waiving many doctor visit copays; waiving hospital admission copays when due to COVID-19; offering free telemedicine visits; offering free mental health counseling; waiving Rx refill limits on maintenance drugs; sending out safety kits of facemasks & hand sanitizers; offering community based meal delivery; accelerating payments to care providers (like PCP offices); conducting outbound “care” calls to help combat social isolation and coordinate access to medications, supplies; food, care & support programs.  All being done not because of mandates, but rather simply to BE KIND.  In 25 years of working in the health insurance field, I’ve never seen anything like it.  It gives me hope.

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