You bet they do!  If you joined a private Medicare health plan (like a Medicare Supplement/Medigap or an Advantage Plan) or a prescription drug plan (Part D), your plan can change how much it costs and what you pay each year.  Even if your plan’s cost and coverage stay the same, perhaps your health or personal finances may have changed.  Review your plan each year to make sure it will meet your needs for the following year.  Such as – Are your doctors still accepting the plan?  Are your drugs still being covered?  Does your plan travel well?  Did you get a big rate increase?  Can you still afford it?  If you have a local agent, now is a good time to call that agent and discuss your benefits.  Don’t have a local agent?  Give us a call!  If you’re satisfied that your current plan will meet your needs for the upcoming year, you don’t need to do anything at all except watch your mailbox for updates coming directly from your insurance carrier – renewal is automatic!  However – beware the envelopes that say “This is an advertisement” as these are solicitations and may NOT be plan material from your current insurance carrier.  Your plan material should be clearly marked “Important Plan Material”.  
     Mark your calendar with these important dates!  In most cases, this may be the one chance you have each year to make a change to your health and prescription drug coverage.  Need some education?  Attend a local neighborhood educational meeting hosted by Insurance Options Inc.  Call us for convenient times and locations.  Or, come on in for a free plan review.  Kindly call ahead for appointments.  
     October 1st – 15th:  Compare your coverage with other available options to see if there is a better choice for you.  Consult your local agent.  Don’t have one?  Give us a shout!
     October 15th – December 7th:  Change your coverage during Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment Period.  Yes, we help people review plans, make changes & process enrollments.  Give us a call!
     January 1st – Your new coverage begins if you switched or joined a new plan.  New 2020 costs and benefit changes also begin if you kept your existing Medicare health insurance or prescription dug coverage and your plan made changes.  You will generally receive a new I.D. card prior to the end of the year.
     January 1st – March 31st:  Forgot to make changes to your Advantage plan?  Did the new Advantage plan you picked turn out to be a stinker?  Medicare allows one Advantage plan change during this time.  Your effective date will be the 1st of the following month, no later than April 1st.
     Questions?  Call, click or stop in today – you’ll be glad you did! We are a FL based general insurance agency specializing in Medicare insurance plans.  All Appointments are free.  Se Habla Espanol!