Advanced Planning – Final Expense Policy

It’s amazing to me that most people put more thought into their vacation plans than they do for their end-of-life plans.  Now, I get it that NO ONE is looking forward to that last vacation in the sky, but advanced planning isn’t really for YOU, it’s for YOUR FAMILY.  Having recently been through this situation, I have given this a lot of thought lately.  Why shouldn’t we have a frank discussion about what we want? PersonallyFinal Expense Policy I’d like to be a tree.  Did you know there is a service that helps accomplish that?  How cool!

I had an elderly relative pass away recently, so I can share with you first hand what went well and what didn’t.  As he was a veteran of World War II, they had already contacted a veteran’s funeral service.  These folks were fantastic in helping to achieve his last wishes in the style he wanted.  We chose a beautiful urn from the Internet and had it shipped.  They helped us write up an obituary and got it on the website for out-of-town family to leave their condolences.  They gave us a commemorative flag.  They provided a valuable checklist on what to do next regarding Social Security, Medicare, etc.

But of course, this all came at a cost – a cost my relative’s spouse was not prepared to handle.  This is where insurance comes in.  Did you know there is a plan that can cover the cost of end-of-life?  It’s called a Final Expense policy.  It’s meant to cover things like memorial services, cremation or burial, and a little left over to pay any medical expenses or bills of the deceased and perhaps a small nest egg for the spouse or family.  They are designed to get the money to you quickly when you need it most.  So why not make arrangements for your last vacation in the sky with a Final Expense policy?  We’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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Kathy Thousand

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