Sadly, scammers are out there and they especially target the elderly. Because the first step in preventing scams is knowing about them, here are the top 5 scams according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – 

    1. Lottery Scam: In a lottery scam, you receive a call, email, or text congratulating you on being a winner with an ask for an upfront payment or fees and taxes. Similarly, if you are asked to pay an advance on sweepstakes prize winnings, it could be a scam.
    2. Phishing: Phishing happens when you receive authentic-looking emails or text messages with links that ask you to share bank or credit card account numbers or our social security number.
    3. Grandparent: If you get a call from a grandchild or relative asking you to wire money or send gift cards to help them out of trouble and they ask you not to tell anyone, it could be a scam.
    4. Charity Scam: If you get a call or email asking for a donation to a charity you’ve never heard of, look the charity up before you give out your credit card number. Scammers could be trying to take advantage of your generosity.
    5. Spoofing: In a spoof scam, criminals send an email that looks like it’s from a friend who needs money to deal with an emergency. I you receive an email like this, always check with the sender by phone or in person.

Other commons scams include: Fraud, contractor scams, free lunch investment meals, identity theft and tech support scams. Not all contractors are bad and not all investment firms are high pressure. But it’s important to research these folks before committing credit card numbers, personal information and money. Want to learn more? Visit Want to work with a Medicare insurance agency that prides itself on always doing the right thing? Call, click or stop in today to discuss your Medicare plan options – you’ll be glad you did. 

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